Autumn Leaf Shaped Cookies

leaf cookies
Today I concluded that it is time to rake the leaves. From my kitchen window I can see the very last leaves clinging fervently to the almost bare branches on the trees. Raking the leaves that have fallen around my home is no small undertaking. Last year we collected well over thirty bags of leaves and this year looks as if there may be more.

Armed and ready with rakes and brown paper leaf recycling bags, Dave and I head out to face the daunting challenge of picking up every last leaf before sundown. He has to control himself from laughing out loud because my secret weapon in the battle is my little red shovel made for children to shovel snow which I use to help me scoop up the leaves and get them directly into the bag without losing a single leaf.

We manage to accomplish quite a bit of this task when suddenly just as fatigue is looming over me, my sister and her family drop by with rakes in hand to help finish up the job. When all of the bags were lined up by the curb, there are almost 50 of them!

A special thank you goes to my two nephews and a friend of theirs as well as my young niece for helping to get the job done swiftly and well.

Autumn leaves cookies are a perfect way to make the day memorable. Serve them to your helpers with hot chocolate while you enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or tea.

Autumn Leaves Cookie Recipe
To make these cookies use your favorite sugar cookie recipe and cut out with leaf shaped cookie cutters. Before baking the cookies sprinkle the tops of each leaf with orange, yellow or red sugar crystals and bake according to the directions. Cool and Enjoy!

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