Acorn Sugar Cookies, Pumpkin Seed Brittle, Sweet Potato Bread

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The holidays always spark my desire for theme baking. This Thanksgiving I made maple glazed sugar cookies in the shape of acorns, lemon glazed sugar cookies in the shape of maple leaves, and sugar cookies drizzled with red colored, white chocolate in the shape of oak leaves. I tried something new this year and made pumpkin seed brittle.

The maple glazed, acorn sugar cookies take some time to make and look great when finished!


Adding the maple syrup glazing and chopped walnuts. 100% natural maple syrup of course.


How cute are they!?


Next I made the maple leaf, lemon glazed sugar cookies. The tartness of the glaze made the perfect contrast to the cookie’s sweetness. Everyone loved these and they went fast! In the background are bigger leaf sugar cookies with “red chocolate” drizzle.


My first attempt at homemade pumpkin seed brittle came out great! After cooking, stirring, and pouring onto the sheet, I covered it with wax paper and hammered it with a rolling pin to get the finished product.


We had leftover sweet mashed potatoes so I decided to try a sweet potato bread. My family was split on this with half loving it and half rejecting it. It’s hearty but not sweet, which I think caught the nays by surprise.


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